Do you want the beauty and warmth of a fireplace but not the potential safety issues? A gas fireplace insert might be your answer. At Anderson Masonry, we service and install gas fireplaces in Canadensis, PA, and surrounding areas.

Why Get a Gas Fireplace or Insert?

Gas fireplaces offer a lot of value and benefits to any home. Gas fireplaces are:

  • Convenient: Gas fireplaces are controllable via a switch or remote control. They also are often self-contained, meaning you don’t need a chimney. Finally, they eliminate any need for firewood.
  • Eco-friendly: Gas fireplaces let out far fewer emissions than traditional fireplaces, so they are a more environmentally friendly choice.
  • Low-maintenance: While gas fireplaces still require some cleaning, they require much less maintenance than other types of fireplaces. For example, you don’t have to clean and scrub away creosote or ash.

If you want to see what a gas fireplace insert can do for your home, speak to us today.

Ventless gas logs producing heat again.
Heat & glo gas fireplace. Servicing all make/models
Peterson Real-Fyre gas insert.

Pocono Gas Fireplace Inserts

At Anderson Masonry, we provide a myriad of gas fireplace services. We can install a new gas fireplace insert in your home. If you already have a gas fireplace insert, we provide other services such as gas fireplace repair, cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Finally, if your gas fireplace requires new parts, we can provide those for you as well.

Why Choose Us?

Anderson Masonry wants to ensure that you have the gas fireplace that is right for you. With 35 years of experience as a gas fireplace supplier serving the Poconos, we know the benefits, challenges, and rewards that gas fireplaces can bring to your home. Rely on us to give you the insight you need for a quality gas fireplace.

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