Chimney Repairs in the Pocono Mountains

Your chimney provides a necessary outlet for the smoke from a fireplace, but it also adds a decorative feature to the roof of your home or business. If your chimney is damaged, it can lose function and aesthetic. But Anderson Masonry can help. You can turn to us for chimney repairs in the Poconos, Stroudsburg, and surrounding area.

When You Need Chimney Repairs

Your chimney will let you know when it needs repairs. Look for:

  • Worn mortar: If you notice the mortar on your chimney is crumbling, eroding, or gone, you need repairs. The mortar holds the chimney bricks in place and fills in gaps. So when it’s gone, your chimney loses stability and efficiency.
  • Damaged bricks: Even small cracks in the bricks can spell trouble in the future. But if the faces of the bricks are falling off, you’ll need chimney repairs right away. Damaged bricks can lead to chimney collapse, so call us for repairs as soon as you notice any cracks.
  • Unstable chimney: Finally, minor damages are a cause for concern, but if your whole chimney is leaning or crumbling, call us right away. We can repair or rebuild your chimney, depending on its needs, and make sure it is stable for future use.
  • Damaged flue or flue liner

Our repairs make sure that your chimney is stable and effective. We restore and repair chimneys to promote structural integrity as well as to prevent water infiltration and damages.

Why Call Us

Anderson Masonry is a family-owned and -operated company, with a dedication to quality and dependability. When you call us for repairs, you can trust that you’ll get high-quality repairs that will last. And with over 35 years of experience, we know how to repair any chimney damage you have.

For quality repairs that will last, contact the chimney experts at Anderson Masonry today at (570) 972-9483.

Some of our Recent Chimney Repair Projects